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Attagirl creates branded stories
for the built environment.

Attagirl Brands is a Nashville, Tennessee-based interdisciplinary design firm concentrating on brand research, strategy, and identity design to increase brand recognition and create spacial identities.

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SVP Marketing at Journeys,
a division of Genesco. 

“Ansley is a powerhouse. She’s collaborative, creative, resourceful, extremely buttoned up, organized and flexible. She builds and manages detailed project plans, while coming to the table confidently with ideas, solutions and supreme creativity. We hired Ansley to brand our new office building and takeover all wayfinding, with tight deadlines and an even tighter budget. She jumped right in and quickly built out the POA, achieved buy-in with key stakeholders across our organization, and delivered on time, within scope and on budget. The brand installations are phenomenal, weaving our history into modern, unique interpretations. I would hire her again in a heartbeat. She is a gem and a joy to work with. “ 

Owner + Photographer,
Fenwick Photo Arts

"Working with Ansley is a joy. She is an absolute force — in a way that always feels warm, inviting, creative, clear, and collaborative. Her professionalism and vision are each unmatched. The scale and caliber of her work speak for themselves and are testaments of her ability just as her accessibility and ease are testaments of her tremendous bandwidth. 


That she can endeavor massive projects and be personable and understanding while turning out masterful work is indication enough that she’s the best, but her ability to take on multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining that same easy rapport is what makes her top of her field. Her work is distinct, instantly intrinsic to each client, and informed by an exceptionally well-curated rolodex of regional artists. I trust her taste and her plan each time we work together and always look forward to the next contract."


Director, Corporate Relations

Genesco, Inc. 

"Ansley’s creative insight and environmental design expertise were incredible! She captured the spirit of our company and took the branding design to totally new levels.  Importantly she was able to not only connect our employees with a fantastic new workspace post-pandemic, but also bridge our company’s legacy past with our footwear-focused future.  She collaborated with us across all areas of the company and brought ideas to the table that were unique and inspiring. Her breadth of knowledge with codes signage, wayfinding as well as her network of local artisans for one-of-a-kind installations were unmatched, and as a 98-year-old Nashville-based company celebrating local talent is important. She was organized, efficient and kept a very tight timeline project moving forward beautifully. As a result of her work, vendors and customers visit from across the globe and marvel at our new space."

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Ansley Tolleson, the Principal behind Attagirl Brands, brings a lot to the table. 

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