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Attagirl creates branded stories for the built environment.


Attagirl Brands is a Nashville, Tennessee-based interdisciplinary design firm concentrating on brand research, strategy, and identity design to create brand experiences that build brand equity, increase employee engagement and optimize the customer experience.


Attagirl’s holistic design strategy delivers custom-tailored environments for each client. Our portfolio of skills includes research, brand strategy, graphic design, wayfinding, custom installations, and more. Alongside our Principal, Ansley Tolleson, Attagirl works with teams of hand-selected creatives who afford each project the intelligence of connecting brand ideas and ideals to create unexpected, on-point design solutions.

Working with Attagirl:


Projects can exist purely in the creative space design, or extend into more granular elements: identity design and brand guidelines; architectural signage and wayfinding; design consultancy.

Our agreements are tailored to each client’s needs and always land squarely within the expertises of our team.

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Ansley Tolleson has worked in the design field since graduating college in ’98. Beginning her career in Dallas, Texas at an environmental graphic design firm, she eventually relocated to Nashville to be closer to her ole’ Kentucky home. Practicing her spacial design skills, she spent five years in retail marketing, store, and window design for a Nashville-based shoe company with locations on both Madison and Michigan Avenues as well as Union Square, San Francisco. In 2005, she established an award-winning Nashville environmental graphic design firm where she worked as a Partner for 15 years before launching Attagirl Brands. Her work has been recognized nationally and published in both Interior Design and industry magazines. She’s known by her clients as a trusted and committed creative resource.


Clients include Genesco, Fat Bottom Brewing, WME, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Berkshire Hathaway, and Omni Hotels and Resorts. Ansley’s relationships and trust factor are her favorite parts of the job. She relishes learning company culture and brand direction to fit seamlessly into teams, create thoughtful moments of surprise, and amplify and energize the spaces she designs. She resides in Nashville, but her work with Attagirl resides globally.


Ansley is serving her second board term at The Bascom: A Center for the Visual Arts in Highlands, North Carolina. She also works with The Highlands-Cashiers Land Trust, Highlands Biological Station and Highlands Plateau Greenway.

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