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Attagirl Brands x Lockeland Leather: Custom Commission for Genesco Spacial Branding Renovation

Untitled, 2022

Lockeland Leather

A study of traditional craft inspired by the ethos of American

patchwork combined with the art of Japanese sashiko.

Joey Verzilli is a self-taught leather craftsman and owner of

Lockeland Leather, a Handcrafted Leather Studio based in Nashville,

Tennessee. After nearly a decade of studying and honing his craft as

a leatherworker, Joey finds it most important to honor this age-old

practice by creating stunning, handcrafted leather goods adorned

with intentional detail. The Lockeland Leather maker’s mark carries

with it a sense of pride and nostalgia and can be found on pieces from

bespoke accessories to handcrafted art installations alike.

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