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Attagirl Brands x Nathan Brown: Murals for Genesco, a Nashville Spacial Branding Installation

Nathan Brown

Originally from Los Angeles, Nathan relocated to Nashville when he

was 11 years old and endured a major culture shock. Embracing the

transition between cities through skateboarding, painting graffiti and

exploring new territories through traveling for skating as a sponsored

amateur, also motivated Nathan artistically. At 16 years old, Nathan

was a Journeys employee at the Hickory Hollow Mall location. In

the late 90s he drew inspiration from skateboarding travels, painting

graffiti, gradient color palettes in nature, city life and structural lines

in architecture, which he eventually transitioned into the studio and

on buildings across the United States and Europe.

Having now produced over 70 large scale commissioned murals for

both communities around the country, as well as for brands such as

Red Bull, Wrangler, Patagonia, Top Golf, WeWork, Google, Spotify

and more, the goal has always been the same since day one, to bring

people, places and communities together through public visual art,

transforming and creating new spaces where there were none before.

He primarily paints large scale public art on the streets, as well as

indoor private commissions. He is currently based in Chattanooga,



This word collage represents all things Journeys, from their roots in

skateboarding, to music, lifestyle and brand values.

I took a stack of words and phrases provided to me by the team

and freestyled this piece, building on each word, connecting them

with other words and phrases, that play off of each in meaning

and stylistically. Culminating into a piece that’s fun, playful and

meaningful, where you’ll see something different each time you pass.

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