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Attagirl Brands x Tess Davies: Murals for Johnson & Murphy, a Spacial Branding Installation

Tess Davies

Tess Davies (formerly Erlenborn) is an artist from Nashville,

Tennessee. She graduated cum laude from Sewanee: The University

of the South with a B.F.A under the honors program in 2014. Her

studio practices include acrylic and oil painting, with a focus on

natural textures, layered spaces and dualities. She takes inspiration

from escapism and biological patterns and forms.


My work is inspired by shared human reactionary tendencies. The

act of painting repeated patterns correlates to our specific way in

which we handle and respond to inevitable traumatic or emotional

occurrences in life. I paint scattered, layered fragments of biologically

inspired patterns, textures, and my surroundings.

My work reveals the way in which we compartmentalize and apply

order and structure to our days, despite life’s inevitabilities. Drawing

on patterns found in diseases, cell growth, and natural phenomena,

I then apply playful, often considered feminine colors and create

compositions that mask and make light of these darker components,

similar to the way we suppress and mask our true feelings and fears.

Oftentimes, I expand the compositions off the confinements of the

canvases to represent the way in which our emotions, or personal

baggage, has a way of revealing itself in unexpected, often unwanted,

ways and breaks out despite our attempts to contain them. The

purpose of my work is to address the problems surrounding the

societally acceptable way to cope.

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